Robot platform

This robot platform is just for my own experiments in robotics electronics & software, mostly just building on what I learned from Dusty & the NIARC project. Overall the aim is to provide a platform for localisation & mapping, for very low cost at the expense of added effort.


20170213_195947Chassis: Laser-cut acrylic with brass standoffs

Structural parts: 3d printed in blue PETG

Drive: 2x high-torque stepper motors, each driven by a TI DRV8825 driver which offers comparatively high performance for the cost. Big fat squishy tires since hard wheels didn’t perform well before. A dedicated stepper cooling fan will keep things running nicely.

Sensors: 6x HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors, GY-85 9dof inertial measurement unit.

Electrical & Brains: TBC! The system will run off two 3S lithium batteries in series, giving 24V. I’m aiming to use a separate microcontroller for each system, with CAN communication between systems.



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